life hacks

Every now and then, we read about "life hacking" strategies in the form of a long-winded article, or a shallow overly simplified listicles.

We decided to share some our life hacks as well...although there are way much more, do find a summary below:

Blogger Hack: Write as frequently as possible on subjects that you are comfortable with and after doing some research.

Saving Hack: Save consistently while keeping your spending to the bare minimum.

Growth Hack: Regardless of the product that you are building and selling, build something that your customer would LOVE and feel compel to share with their family & friends.

Career Hack: Mentor others all the time, every time. It works up, down and across the board.

Brain Power Hack: Be predictable...e.g. limit your choice for food, clothes, etc.

Food Hack: Cook your own meal by playing with various minimalistic diet.

Meeting Hack: Stick to 15 to 55 minutes with a clearly defined agenda.

Productivity Hack: Learn to say "No" to what does not truly matter to you.

Life Hack: Define & start living by your core principles as early as possible in life.

Fitness Hack: Keep moving.

Investing Hack: Invest only if you understand.

Business Model Hack: Structure your business to earn healthy, repeatable and/or scaleable margins.

Power Hack: Compounding works like wonders. Pair it up with all above hacks.