Past Year Review for 2017 & What Lies Ahead for 2018

In retrospect, 2017 has been a relatively good year.


Time to First Byte has officially begun, and up to date, we focused on Asian based companies ranging from early stage to public listed companies.

Our favourite themes are, of course, technology, business model and strategy. Our Obike article has been the flagship article for the year 2017 given that it is a hot topic in Asia and even globally now. We have also received feedbacks for

  • Understanding Honestbee Business Model - Link
  • Tink Labs - A Unicorn from Hong Kong - Link
  • Healthy Snacks Delivery and Subscription Model with Scalable Challenges - Link

We remained a lean team with one lead editor and one researcher/advisor. We are both based in Singapore, one of the major startup hubs in ASEAN.

In 2017, we attended a handful of conferences in (mostly) Singapore and in Thailand out of curiosity and to expand our views on what is being built on the ground. Essentially, we see conferences as a networking and learning platform.

For 2018, we have a clearer focused on our ambitions for Time to First Byte.

Firstly, we are aiming at 12 full-fledge articles for the whole year, i.e. one per month. These articles will usually be between 1,000 to 5,000 words with our own set of information to support our thoughts.

Secondly, we intend to publish side articles either to complement the full-fledge articles or to express a specific sharing. For example, we have a broad range of interests other than covering business models and strategy, we are looking at mental models, trends and opportunities topics that could influence and shape Southeast Asian businesses.

Thirdly, we hope to be more "present" at major technology events throughout Southeast Asia. This could be either as attendee, speaker or conference partner. While this is not a focus, we will try our best.

2018 will be promising. And as writing is our weekend activity, we hope to be up to a high level of standard and continue upon the momentum built in 2017.