2019 Goals

This is pretty much a list of goals for year 2019...which could be compared against at the end of year 2019. While goal setting is to some extent useful, it is best when paired up with a system (mental model, nudges, automation, among others). There are many many many goals, grouped by themes. My main ones revolved around fitness and learning (I am a life-long learner!).


  1. Run 10 km below 65 minutes
  2. Complete 104 HIIT sessions
  3. Deliver 12 HIIT classes
  4. Complete 50 pull-ups
  5. Lose 5% body fat

One of the "tools" to help me achieve my goals is Guavapass which is a membership service giving access to multiple studios across Singapore and other parts of the world.


  1. Complete my MBA!
  2. Pick up 1 technical skill
  3. Finish 12 books



  1. Publish 6 blog posts core to Time to first byte
  2. Publish 4 blog posts on personal update (2019 Goals is one of them!)
  3. Publish 2 ever-green career focused blog posts

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Friendship | Networking | Socials

  1. Be a good friend
  2. Keep (re)connecting with (new) people through my writings, my article sharing and social networking (comments, posts, likes)
  3. Participate in some socials such as board games night, conference, meetups

Protégé Ventures

  1. Lead 3 new investments by end of 2019
  2. Develop vertical focused domain-knowledge (eSports, Edtech, Enabler for Mobility) by end of July 2019

In a nutshell,

Protégé Ventures’ experience is a bundled of 3 core reminders – First, picking your focus themes to become a world class investor in. Second, connecting the dots between people and their inner motives to what the world needs and to where it could be heading to. Third, enjoying the journey in startup investing. I aspire to leverage on my Protégé (ad)venture to become a better human being and along the way, find awesome founders to work with!

Professional | Career

  1. Sharpen my Product Management Skills
  2. Learn more about venture debt and venture capital
  3. Continue to develop thought leadership in business models for Southeast Asia [Linked to Writing Goals]

Personal Finance

  1. Build and adhere to a strict budget
  2. Build an emergency fund
  3. Invest in 1-2 new stocks

I will be using Spendee app for the first time in 2019 to manage my budget and track my expenses. You can sign up here for free