2018 Year in Review


I lost 5 kg...

I started my MBA...

And I kept hustling...

If you want to know more details

Many things have happened during the course of 2018 and many of which were unexpected. For someone who appreciates building habits and establishing routine, reducing uncertainty and optimizing my time, unexpected events were both stressful and exciting.

Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.

- Yoda

In January, I found myself looking for a new job while I was also at the peak of my weight. Stressful times as the job market in Singapore can be brutal for foreigners. Yet, it is in such times that you could recognize the value of your friends and the network built over the years. A lot of hustling too!!! To January and to people who helped me go through the period of uncertainty, thank you.

My first and only overseas trip of 2018 was in JAKARTA! 

In March, I finally found the light at the end of the tunnel. I was offered an opportunity to go back to school (Hello Singapore Management University) to get my MBA while simultaneously being offered a year-long contract at Daimler Financial Services (Hello DSC Team!). Two opportunities that I took and definitely, have almost no regrets. To March, to the people who gave me a chance, thank you.

Corporate Life? Sounds like fun to me! 

In May, I started re-prioritizing my life as the MBA was due to start soon...I started to get the hang of the corporate life and enjoyed #corporatewarrior life. It was not easy to adapt to yet the colleagues have played a good (fortunately) role in facilitating the transition without knowing. To May, to the DSC colleagues without whom corporate life would be dull.

Postgraduate Orientation Day @ Singapore Management University

In July, I believed it was one of the most eventful month. The MBA was about to start, and we had our orientation towards the end of July. I also ran 10 km for the first time in a long time during the Race Against Cancer. I felt it was a huge achievement, personally and as a team given that we competed in the 10K team's category. As a result of the 10 km race, I resumed running on a regular basis as well as going for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) about 2 times per week. To July, the month where my healthy habit kicked back in. Good job Pascal!

Race Against Cancer 2018 - Kickoff! 
Corporate Life - Perks! Ice Cream cart ;)

In September,  I participated in the Scale Agile Framework (SAFe) workshop to become certified (which I did). I vaguely recall joining Protégé Ventures as a student analyst with the aspiration to break into venture capital at some point (more on this later). Interesting, I attended a few startup events, notably, SWITCH and Startup Weekend SG. Guess what? I can't stay away from the startup ecosystem! To September, the awesome opportunity to join Protégé Ventures and remain more than ever within the startup ecosystem!

Talented colleague! Leading innovation? 

In November and December, I cleared my first 4 core modules (= 2 school terms) at SMU as an MBA Candidate. Though some of the assignments took a considerable amount of time and effort, my peers and I managed to go through the hurdles. It was and it is stressful to work while studying. My time, stress and energy management went into another dimension since the MBA started! Recently, I went on a week-long break from most of my non-work activities to reflect on my past 12 months, and this will lead to my 2019 Goals. To December, a new turning point through self-reflection, consultation with peers and thinking about thinking about the future.

One last thing, I put time to first byte on hiatus since I started my MBA.

The 'Tools'

HIIT is an amazing "tool" to practice. It helps with both stress and energy management. Boxing and weight training are some add-ons that also worked for me in 2018. Looking for a new 2019 fitness regime!

Making new friends (MBA, Protégé Ventures, Daimler Financial Services, many more!) played an essential role for my mental well-being. So, do make new friends!

I still can't believe March 2018 took a 180 degree turn from "I am screwed" to "I am feeling awesome". There are always trade-off and as I am cruising towards 2019, it is likely that my 2018's experiences would have toughened me up by 10x!

Now what?

I will be publishing my 2019 Goals on 1st of January 2019.

And my life-long motto,

Pay it forward | Always be Learning | 10x